To ensure that pupils have their say at Samuel Barlow Primary, we allocate many roles and responsibilities to children – it gives many of our pupils the chance to develop new skills, become comfortable when speaking to adults, and improves their overall self-confidence.

Class councillors

In every class there is a class councillor and a vice class councillor, elected by their peers. They are the pupils’ voice for their class and meet regularly with Miss Vardy and Miss Gee to bring ideas, discuss issues, answer questions and raise awareness of any subjects appropriate to them in their class.

Class councillors provide feedback back to their class following the meetings, leading a class discussion centred around the next meeting agenda. It is their job to record the feedback from their class. Mrs Brown (our principal) is then invited to see the feedback from the whole academy.

Sports Leaders

Children in year 5/6 apply to become Sports Leaders. These children take on the role of encouraging other pupils to get involved in sports activities during breaktimes, together with arranging and leading sports events for the academy working with staff members. They are also responsible for hosting monthly sporting events for the academy and meet on a weekly basis with the PE co-ordinator.

Digital Leaders

Children in year 5/6 apply to become digital leaders. These children lead assemblies, especially around the topic of internet safety, and support the younger children in their ICT lessons.  They met regularly to discuss any concerns regarding internet safety and to chat about any news items that are relevant.