Our curriculum intent is for all our children to:

  • be empowered with the knowledge and skills that enable them to fulfil their potential.
  • care for themselves, others and the community whilst respecting the environment.
  • experience a broad range of experiences and make the most of every opportunity.
  • appreciate learning and be aspirational.

We achieve this through our academy motto – ‘Together we are stronger. Together we achieve’

Be empowered with the knowledge and skills that enable them to fulfil their potential

We aspire for our children to know more and remember more so that they are able to do more. Our curriculum is built around a high-quality reading spine. This enhances our children’s literacy skills, these skills are vital as they underpin all aspects of the curriculum. Our canon of texts are the beating heart of our curriculum design, opening doors to social diversity, rich vocabulary and the wider world. Alongside these texts we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to lay strong foundations which can be built upon in future years.  The lessons are sequenced so that knowledge is retained, schemas are built and links are made to past and future learning. Knowledge is taught through well-selected skills as a vehicle to deepen learning.  Recognising knowledge is power, high-quality resources are selected to expose our children to the best of what has been thought and said.

‘Leaders have designed a broad and well-organised curriculum. Curriculum plans identify the important knowledge so that teachers know exactly what pupils need to learn.’

(Ofsted, January 2022)

Care for themselves, others and the community whilst respecting the environment

We appreciate the need to invest in the whole child in order for them to be the best that they can be. We address social disadvantage by ensuring all children are making a flying start during their early years of school and beyond, no matter what their starting point is. We know our child well and support them and families individually to help remove the barriers they are challenged by. We instill this ethos of ‘care’ into all our children through citizenship and environmental issues. This is promoted through our standards – we are responsible, we are caring, we are respectful and we strive to succeed.

Participate in a broad range of experiences and make the most of every opportunity

Our enhanced curriculum goes beyond the classroom through a vast range of experiences and enrichment opportunities. These build cultural capital and inspire our children to experience new things, broadening their horizons. This raises children’s confidence and self-esteem, helping them to remove barriers and building their resilience. We encourage children to work together in a team, whilst enabling independence. This reiterates our academy motto ‘Together we are stronger, together we achieve’.

Appreciate learning and be aspirational

Children are inspired by what they learn and develop a thirst for learning. Our curriculum raises our children’s aspirations so that they succeed both now and in their futures. This creates social mobility that enables the community to grow and flourish. All children are given the best possible chance to achieve to the very best of their ability and to ‘be the best they can be’. Our curriculum is ambitious because we have high expectations of all our children and the belief and determination that all can succeed.

Our curriculum by year group and subject

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Our curriculum is fully inclusive for all children – we strive to ensure that all of our children’s needs are met.

More information can be found in our dedicated ‘SEND‘ page.

You can also view our SEND and single equality policy on our policies page.

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