Our curriculum is designed to fulfil our academy vision – to inspire, to raise aspirations and to create brighter tomorrows.

The curriculum at Samuel Barlow provides all of our children with the very best education. It develops their heads, hearts and hands through the highest academic expectations and core values alongside skills and dispositions to prepare our children for the future, to love learning and ultimately to become happy and successful adults.

Our curriculum:

  • is inspirational. Children are inspired by what they learn. They have a thirst for learning.
  • is aspirational in terms of knowledge taught and learnt. We aspire for our children to be knowledgeable about the world because knowledge is power.
  • raises our children’s aspirations. We strive for them to succeed both now and in their futures.
  • goes beyond the classroom through a vast range of experiences and enrichment opportunities to build cultural capital and inspire our children to experience new things, build their confidence and raise their self-esteem.
  • gives children the confidence to work with one another to overcome barriers and builds resilience.

Our curriculum makes a difference to the lives of our children through:

  • exposing our children to quality texts which open up the literary world and the contexts, knowledge and vocabulary within them.
  • being creative, engaging and knowledge rich so that our children have a secure basis of knowledge needed to be active and educated citizens.
  • being sequenced so that knowledge is retained, schemas are built and links are made to past and future learning.
  • giving our children the knowledge, skills and dispositions to thrive in the world.
  • equipping our children with the skills and strategies they need to facilitate their own learning.
  • addressing social disadvantage by ensuring all children are making a flying start during their early years of school and beyond, no matter what their starting point is.
  • expanding the vocabulary our children are exposed too so strengthen our children’s understanding.
  • ensuring our children are knowledgeable about their local area and the opportunities within it.
  • exposing our children to the best of what has been thought and said.
  • empowering them to raise their self-esteem and prepare them for their next steps in education and beyond.

Our curriculum by year group and subject

You can view our curriculum by year group and subject.


Our curriculum is fully inclusive for all pupils – we strive to ensure that all of our children’s needs are met.

More information can be found in our dedicated ‘SEND‘ page.

You can also view our SEND and single equality policy on our policies page.

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