This morning our year 1 pupils were full of excitement as the firefighters from Edwinstowe Fire Station joined us here at the academy. Children were given the opportunity to look round the amazing fire engine, and our visitors gave a great presentation all about fire safety. They taught us about what to do if our house or clothes are on fire – all of our pupils sat and listened to everything they had to say.

One of the key things our children learned today was that if there is a fire, we need to ‘Get out. Stay out. Call the fire brigade out.’

Thank you to our visitors, and a big well done to year 1 for their perfect behaviour and really getting involved.

Parents and carers should also be aware that Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service can be contacted to fit and check smoke alarms are working all for free. If you are missing a smoke alarm, contact the fire station on 0115 838 8101 and they can help sort this for you.