In a heartwarming tale of courage and quick thinking, two young brothers from Samuel Barlow Primary Academy are being hailed as heroes after saving their mother’s life when she slipped into a diabetic coma.

Aaron, year 6, and Lewis, year 3, sprang into action when they realised something was wrong with their mum. Remembering what he had learned in his Drug Awareness and Resilience Training (DAaRT) lessons at school, Aaron swiftly dialled the emergency services, utilising Siri to find the right number on his phone.

The duo worked together to administer sugar to their mum in an effort to help her regain consciousness and Lewis directed the paramedics when they arrived.

Their brave and decisive actions didn’t go unnoticed. At a recent school assembly, Aaron and Lewis were presented with the Principal’s recognition award, honouring their extraordinary bravery and quick response in a moment of crisis.

Principal, Sarah Kahler, said: “We are incredibly proud of Aaron and Lewis for their remarkable courage and composure during a challenging situation. Their actions serve as a shining example of the importance of staying calm and knowing how to respond in an emergency.”

Aaron and Lewis serve as a reminder that bravery knows no age and that even the youngest among us can make a profound difference in the lives of others.