At Samuel Barlow we love to celebrate the changing of the seasons as a chance to make learning impactful and meaningful, which we do at this time of the year through a harvest festival.

This year we wanted to let families join in the fun and experience, first hand, the hard work of their children, so we invited them to visit the academy, we were thrilled so many joined us.

At the start of autumn we were fortunate enough to receive a donation from a local allotment of pumpkins and gourdes, which inspired the children’s harvest festival art work. Every child in the academy was encouraged to create a piece of art based on the donation and a selection of the art was displayed in the hall for families to admire.

Children learned to sing a song in their key stages and year 6 performed their Haiku poetry. The hall was full of families, making it a fabulous event and we are very proud of how the children performed, some of them for the very first time in front of an audience.

We also collected donations of non-perishable goods at the front of the academy, which we gave to our local foodbank to distribute to those who need it the most – demonstrating our caring standards.