As educators it is our job to make sure pupils and students are succeeding but while we cannot be there in person, our teachers are continuing to support our children by sending work home through the academy app or posting it on the website. If your child is struggling with something, or just needs some contact with their teacher, please get in touch with the academy first – the chances are they are not alone! We can offer advice on different ways to approach a problem that might work better for your child and, where it is needed, we can provide you with extra resources for a subject.

We are incredibly grateful and proud that you – parents and carers – have taken on the role of guiding your child through home learning.  It is new territory for most of us and at times it can feel overwhelming –sometimes even impossible – but we are here to help in whatever way we can.

If you need additional support over and above that offered by the academy, there are lots of free resources available online for parents, carers and older students. We would recommend looking at the UK Government’s list of online resources for home education to help children learn at home. The list is broken down by subject and age, and has a section dedicated to resources for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

These resources are not intended to replace the work set by the academy, but they offer something extra for those that need additional help or just want to do more. Whilst we may not be open, we are still here and working hard to ensure our students and pupils achieve their best.