Yesterday was an exciting day for our pupils as we were joined at the academy by The Greenwood Community Forest. They were here to take part in a day of planting trees to help develop green spaces on the Samuel Barlow Primary site. They have donated different varieties of trees which have been planted around the perimeter of the academy as part of a project to involve more school-age children in horticulture activities.

Throughout the day our pupils went outside in their class groups to dig holes and plant the saplings which will grow and develop over the coming months and years. The intention is that some of the trees planted will form a new Forest Schools areas which will allow wildlife to thrive and for us to be able to help children connect with nature through curriculum linked activities.

We were also delighted to be joined by lots of our children’s family members who joined us to help plant the trees. It was fantastic to see parents, grandparents and siblings getting involved and showing off their green fingers!

Thank you to Nick and the team from Greenwood Community Forest, to our full academy community and to the weather for being brilliant all day, staying bright and dry for our pupils and staff!!